Image of Fred at Milverton, Photo by Andy Lock

Photo by Andy Lock

Mr Fred Wedlock - 4 March 2010

It is with great sadness that I report that Fred passed away early this morning. I'm sure that you'd like to join me in passing on condolences to the family.

Adrian, Webmaster


February 2010

I’m sorry. I promised an update last mid-summer and started writing it in mid-autumn. Unfortunately, as more mature readers of this website will know, Time accelerates, Wormholes appear in the Trousers of Life and the Little Yellow Pixies tell you to put your biro down and do the garden before it shoves through the French windows and does you. ( Oh, and lady readers may like to know that a brilliant way to get longstanding repairs done is to walk past your man with a power drill in hand and announce that you’re going to have a go at it yourself). I promise I’ll do the next one this year!


I’ve added some photographs. There was nothing wrong with the old ones but I thought a couple from this century might be more honest – especially after some wag defaced one of my posters by writing “Fred Wedlock’s Son” next to my picture.


I’ve greatly enjoyed doing shows with Helen, Ali and John but unfortunately we've had to cancel all combined gigs.

I have, however, been doing gigs with fiddle player Ali Nourse and we’ve several more planned. Ali is a music teacher at a school in Bath and plays in bands and orchestras. She writes, arranges and conducts but when she gets fed up with Proper Music she comes around with me for a challenge.

Fred with Ali Nourse

Fred and Ali Nourse


The list is still filling nicely and I reckon I’ll be able to afford shoes until 2011. I haven’t had to resort yet to the old wheeze of a “Farewell Tour” which goes on for about three years.


Several people have suggested that I should write a book. This may be a cunning plan to keep me off the stage but, as a matter of fact, I’ve written a bit in someone else’s book. It’s a brilliantly researched work on the Bristol folk scene in the 60s and 70s by a gentleman called Mark Jones. It started off as a discography but has ended up as a fascinating collection of anecdotes from numerous luminaries of those heady days. If you had any connection with that era, it’s a must have. It’s called  “BRISTOL FOLK”, the author is Mark Jones, the publisher is Bristol Folk Publications and will tell you all you need to know. 


I’m still working on the idea of putting some music on here. I’ll have a serious word with Webmaster Adrian but meanwhile you can apparently download piles of my stuff from various arms of the Interweb. Any hints or suggestions will be most welcome – preferably ones that are anatomically possible.


If you see an advert for Park Insurance on your TV and you think the Little Piggy and the Big Bad Wolf sound rather like me – well spotted! I’m writing my BAFTA acceptance speech as you read this.

There are several more pages you might like to look at:


No, this is not one of those appalling Round Robins you get every Christmas from people who manage to have three Acts of God happen to them simultaneously; it’s just that I get to play at some delightful places and with some brilliant people and I thought you might like to have a look at a few of them, so here is a NEW SECTION!


A full list of my recorded works can be found here, with prices, methods of payment and address. Some people have missed this section and put themselves to the trouble of enquiring via the Contact Form, so have a look here first.


This section will give you the usual collection of half-truths and cunningly re-touched old photos we laughingly call “publicity”. You’re welcome to download any thing you want. Some comperes have taken their introductions straight from this section – leaving me standing in the wings looking around for the bloke they’re describing.


Unfortunately most of my gigs are private these days – dinners, clubs, conferences and so on – but now and then I get to play Arts Centres, Folk Clubs, Village Halls and Festivals (to which the public are admitted at their own risk). I’ll be happy to supply details by email using the Contact Form, by phone on 01761 471516, or by post to:- The Vines, Amesbury Hamlet, Timsbury, Bath, BA2 0HF.

As a loyal Westcountryman it’s my duty to suggest you visit